Tyche Software are our Silver Sponsor at #WCMumbai

Tyche Softwares is a WordPress plugin development company specializing in plugins for WooCommerce. They proudly power businesses in over 25 countries with their Booking, Abandoned Cart & Delivery Date plugins. Their plugins help their clients directly by increasing their sales by recovering lost carts or by improving their customer service with the delivery date calendar.

They provide a variety of premium plugins for WooCommerce. Some of these allow you to recover lost sales, while some turn your store into a booking platform.

Tyche Softwares’ sole focus is on providing high-quality niche plugins accompanied with superior customer support. These reviews are a testimony of that. It doesn’t matter if you have a rental business, or you are a florist, a bakery owner or a dentist – you will find the perfect WooCommerce plugin that will boost your business.

Their Booking & Appointment plugin for WooCommerce was the first one that offered a fully integrated booking solution for WooCommerce users.

In addition to their premium plugins, they have a number of free & open-source plugins that are used on over 15000+ active websites, particularly the Abandoned Cart plugin stands out. If you are using WooCommerce, you cannot ignore this 1 free plugin that can increase your sales upto 30% without any investment!

Their core team is passionate about their plugins and they constantly release updates that add more value to them.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, their team regularly speaks, sponsors, volunteers at WordCamps throughout India & elsewhere. Check out their current openings as well. They’re expanding their team!

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay in touch!

Thank you Tyche Softwares for being a part of WordCamp Mumbai 2017.

Bluehost have upgraded to Gold!

Bluehost India has been a long time friend and supporter of our Mumbai WordPress Meetup group. The have been venue sponsors from the longest time.

And now extending that support, they have upgraded their Global Sponsorship to a Gold Sponsorship.

Here’s what they told us, about themselves:

Bluehost is part of the Endurance International Group of business. Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: EIGI) helps small and medium-sized business owners establish, manage and grow their businesses by harnessing the power and promise of the web.

Endurance International is looking out for talented people to help make the web an awesome place. You can check out all their open positions at https://india.endurance.com/jobs/

Do visit them at their Booth to find out what products they have for WordPress Users. You can also visit their website or follow them on Facebook & Twitter

WordPress Indian language Localisation Do’s and Dont’s by Makarand

Announcing Speakers

Introducing our next speaker for WordCamp Mumbai 2017 – Makarand Mane.

Makarand ManeIn this session Makarand would like to help language translators understand common mistakes happening while translating WordPress into any Indian language.

Previously Makarand attended Global translation Day first and Global translation Day second. On the occasion of Global translation Day First he gathered people & started to contribute into polyglot community and gave efforts to make Marathi translation 100%.

On Global translation Day 2 many new contributors contributing to Marathi localisation and Makarand was working as GTE, he saw few common mistakes new translators doing. GTE can reject strings but can’t explain reason to reject. There was many suggestion coming for one single string, so rejection ratio was high. Efforts of new contributors was wasted. Some translation approved by GTE’s which still needs improvement. So final translated product is not that much perfect to be used by end user.

Makarand also collected data from GTE of other languages and he found few common mistakes which every translator does. Now WordPress is available in 4 Indian languages, but popular plugins and themes are still not translated. He will explain how to avoid these common mistakes to reduce efforts and make better translation.

About Makarand Mane

Makarand is a full-time freelancer & WordPress enthusiast, earning his bread and butter using only WordPress from last 6 years. He serves his clients through his personal website makarandmane.com.

Makarand says he learnt PHP, MySQL, CSS and jQuery after he started working on WordPress.

After creating second project in WordPress, he felt in love with it in 2011 and since then he never touched Joomla again.

Makarand is General translation editor for Marathi language and active in the polyglot community.

He also conducts programming workshops in colleges on PHP and WordPress.

Outside of WordPress, he loves traveling visiting new places, trying new things and spiritual practice. He boosts his energy by doing yoga & meditation and helps others to do by teaching it.

You can follow him on Twitter @mkrndmane.

Vertoz is our Gold Sponsors

Vertoz a leading programmatic advertising company joins WordCamp Mumbai 2017 as Gold Sponsors. This is the first time sponsoring WordCamp Mumbai, like many others, we have really happy for the support we have got this year.
Here’s a little about Vertoz

Vertoz is a leading programmatic advertising company that offers engaging and innovative advertising and monetization solutions. We ensure that the ad reaches the right audience and are targeted across websites and apps for our advertisers. We monetize inventory from all verticals and geographies to ensure the best ROI for our publishers.

You can follow them on twitter & facebook, or meet them in person at their WordCamp Booth.

ResellerClub is our Gold Sponsor

We want to thank ResellerClub for coming on board as Gold Sponsor.


Here’s a little about them:

ResellerClub is one of India’s most popular Domains & Hosting brands and is a platform provider catering to the Web Design & Development community worldwide through a full-fledged Reseller Program that includes Product Integrations, Order Management, Billing & Customer management along with a free ecommerce storefront and API integration!

ResellerClub provides scalable WordPress Hosting with automatic upgrades, scheduled backups and a set of managed support services. In addition to this, we also offer world-class hosting options optimized for WordPress across Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting solutions as well as VPS and Dedicated Servers. ResellerClub also enables domain name registration services and other essential web presence products such as email & security to bring SMBs online. Know more about ResellerClub.

ResellerClub also hosts Ctrl+F5, a web design and development summit with leading experts from the industry and also organizes a Web Design contest called SiteWars.

As a Gold Sponsor at WordCamp, ResellerClub is excited to recognize the efforts of the vibrant WordPress community in India.

Do catch them at their booth at WordCamp Mumbai 2017.

WPEka is our Bronze Sponsor

We are glad to announce WPEka as our Bronze Sponsor

WPEka Club gives you Premium WordPress Themes, Power Packed Plugins and Video Tutorials all at one place, with more than 100+ WordPress Plugins and Themes.

It facilitates in setting up Business & Professional looking WordPress sites or blogs within minutes saving loads of time and effort.

As a Premium WordPress Plugin and Theme Store, with more than 100+ WordPress Plugins and Themes, WPEka Club has been actively used by 20,000+ customers. So join as an affliate – Partner with WPEka!

Join as an affliate – Partner with WPEka

WPEka WordPress Blog is a trending Blog for regular articles, tutorials and tips related to WordPress, SEO, Digital Marketing and Web Design.

If you are a passionate WordPress writer, then don’t forget to check out WPEka Club at WordCamp Mumbai 2017.

Thank you WPEka for being a part of WordCamp Mumbai 2017.


Importance of Marketing & Content Writing for Plugin Developers By Vishal

Announcing Speakers

Introducing our next speaker for WordCamp Mumbai 2017 – Vishal Kothari.

Vishal KothariFor a Developer, you can ask them to write 1000 lines of code, they will do it instantly. You ask them to write a one-pager on their accomplishments or their journey, they will take an eternity to write that. Ask a Developer about WordPress & they will tell you 100 things unique which they have done with it. Ask them to write down 10 of those things, and they will try to hide from you from that day.

We live in a virtual world. It’s important for everybody to connect, especially for Developers.

If Development is your strength, then Marketing & Content Writing can only magnify that strength. For anyone, it’s important to open new avenues & that’s where Developers lack behind.

Whether you’re a Freelancer or an Agency, this session will take you through some tips that will help you maximize your reach & take it to a larger audience.

About Vishal Kothari

Vishal is the Founder & CEO of Tyche Softwares, a leading WooCommerce plugins provider that has carved a niche for itself in the WordPress plugins space. Vishal has been building web solutions since 2001. He has worked on a wide range of platforms like C++, Flash, Symbian & Linux with core expertise in PHP. He is the author of a dozen plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce.

Apart from steering his team through different situations, Vishal has a very sharp focus on Customer Service. He wants to ensure that every client has a delightful experience while interacting with his team.

Tyche’s Booking, Abandoned Cart & Order Delivery Date plugins for WooCommerce are leading solutions in their respective domains. Vishal & his team have their eyes set on these niche plugins. They firmly believe that Tyche Softwares is, and will be the market leader for these solutions.

Vishal has previously spoken at WordCamp Mumbai & been a part of panel discussions in WordCamps in Nashik & Udaipur.

GyanMatrix is Silver Sponsor at #WCMumbai

We are glad to announce GyanMatrix as our Silver Sponsor.

GyanMatrix, currently are the technology partners with UK giants such as NewsUK, Financial Times and also are creators of multiple futuristic products. We work with multiple modern stack technologies and of course WordPress holds the top position in it.

GyanMatrix Provides Enterprise mobile app solutions for iOS and Android platforms, Technological Incubation solution on fully developed technological stack platform , Scalable Enterprise Web Solutions for thousands of daily users & Big Data Analytical Services for critical business decisions and Complex financial statistics.

By analyzing app user behavior Gyanmatrix helps business to know more about their customers.

Gyanmatrix hold the privilege of working very closely with WordPress giants such as Human Made in developing the leading new websites in UK. To name a few products, they are “The Sun”, “The Scottish Sun”, “The Irish Sun” and “The Dream Team”.All the products mentioned were with build tightly coupling with WordPress.

We also use the WordPress content and serve to plenty of our other products which includes the mobile applications of the above products and data science projects using the WP REST APIs.

We also have a pipeline of product requests with an WordPress architecture queued up for our future development.

We have hardcore techie group with young and vibrant team with WordPress expertise who are very passionate and wanted to make the community to be the best.

We have successfully hosted WordPress meetups in Bangalore thrice within a span of 6 months start from the scratch. Highlights of one such meetup is our contribution towards the WordPress Translation day.

We are glad and proud for contributing towards the community and building our products through WordPress. Know more about us here.

Thank you GyanMatrix for being a part of WordCamp Mumbai 2017 and contributing to the community.

Meet Wambhau – The Dabbawala who will deliver WordPress goodness

The Mumbai dabbawalla is a popular sight in the city. They are a delivery service and carry lunch boxes to and fro to several thousands of offices everyday. They predominantly use their popular Hercules cycles or the local train system to transport lunch boxes.

This tradition goes back right upto the 1890s – about a 120 years ago. The Dabbawala system is often cited as near perfect and they are frequently known to make less than one mistake in over 8 million deliveries.

They have been studies by research scholars and management institutes, trying to decode how a group of non-MBA, mostly school dropouts and without any formal training – manage to run such an efficient system.

So when it came to designing a Waapu for WordCamp Mumbai – the working class heroes called dabbawalas  were obviously a popular idea.

Meet Wambhau

The Wapuu for WordCamp Mumbai is designed after the popular ‘dabbawala’ and we hope it delivers great WordPress goodness to all attending the WordCamp. It’s name is “Wambhau”

The name means Wapuu + Mumbai + bhau  (meaning brother in the local Marathi language and a popular way for addressing dabbawalas)



Special thanks to Ganesh Kerkar who designed the Wambhau. Also loads of thanks to Shwetambari Shinde, who gave us the idea and inputs around creating ‘Wambhau’

Pratik is going to talk about How to Boost the Performance of your WordPress websites

Introducing our next speaker for WordCamp Mumbai 2017 – Pratik Jagdishwala.

Pratik JagdishwalaWordPress, as we all know, has brilliant community and commercial support. With so many resources available, users tend to go overboard with how they use their WordPress setup. Due to this, they run into problems like Performance slowdowns, timeouts at their hosting provider.

Pratik has 12 years of experience in the Hosting industry and knows what are the kind of limitations hosting providers implement on their servers. He has insight on what works on these servers and what does not. He is looking to share this experience with the all of us and share the tricks that work with most of the hosting providers. These tweaks should help you to get maximum performance from your current package without spending anything on resources or additional upgrades or services.

About Pratik Jagdishwala

Pratik is a Product Manager by profession and a Geek at heart. He has over 12 years of Hosting industry experience and has worked in Support, System Administrative, Managerial roles as well.

He is a natural problem solver and enjoys talking to people and helping them out with solutions to their problems. Let it be which product to use for their project or which is the cheapest way to achieve this setup. He has been guiding friends and clients and making sure they get the maximum bang for their buck.

Apart from work, he is an avid traveller and loves to learn and read about history of the places he visits. You can follow him on Twitter @pjagdishwala and reach out to him for any help you require with your project.