Thank You Letter to WordCamps!

So if you read my post on my journey across WordCamps, you would notice it’s about gratification and how my experience in WordCamps has evolved me as a person. And this experience of growing or transitioning is experienced by several people associated with WordCamps. Here is a small snapshot of those wonderful words captured here to give you a glimpse of how WordCamp has changed several lives and continues to do so.

Khyati Gala WordCamp gives me a platform to explore WordPress and help me give back to the community. Being a volunteer gives me an inside look at how the WordCamps are organized and learn teamwork.
~ Khyati Gala

Ajay Maurya It gave me a start, I was introduced to a new set of people where people who were passionate enough about WordPress that they simply shared their views and ideas for free. They were helping each other by sharing their knowledge and trying to spread the use of WordPress.
~ Ajay Maurya

Meher Bala Being a part of WordCamp Mumbai community, has helped me to interact and gain knowledge from experts in the WordPress field.  WordCamp has also given me a opportunity to make new friends and colleague in the WordPress world. I strongly suggest all people who are using WordPress to build websites for clients or sell products and services via WordPress websites or business running to develop WordPress theme and plugins or monetise WordPress driven website to sell other people’s products or blogger who write for the love of writing or food bloggers. It is a must to attend or encourage your employers to at least attend one WordCamp for sure in their life. I am sure attending a WordCamp will definitely add value to you in one way or the other.
~ Meher Bala

Ratnesh Sonar I joined Wordcamp Mumbai team as a volunteer. My experience was nice. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Best thing about volunteering WordCamp is you meet tons of people with same interest, you learn about various ways to contributing to WordPress. Volunteering WordCamp is the best way to contribute back to WordPress.
~ Ratnesh Sonar

Nagesh PaiWordCamps can help anyone first begin towards being an informed user. From here, they can further choose to either become a core developer, themes and plugins developer, or even make good living as a “theme hacker” who tweaks existing themes and plugins and dishes out good websites!  Personally, i followed the later route. The stories narrated at WordCamp and the entire experience can really give a nitro boost to this informed user, and help him develop further and even contribute to the community at large.
~ Nagesh Pai

You can be part of this amazing community as well. All you  have to do is show up, and get involved! Come to as many WordCamps as possible, you can start by attending Mumbai WordCamp 2017 which is happening on 25th March 2017 and 26th March 2017, so mark your dates!

Come and say hello to speakers who kickass on stage ( they would love it if you say hi to them!), meet these awesome people and many more and see how an experience like this, a melting pot of talent, can revitalize you to get better in your work as you get to network some cool folks 🙂

See you there!

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