Prathmesh shares his WordCamp experience

Every journey begins with curiosity, proceeds with learning and ends with a bunch of strings attached. And if your journey sustains the hallmark of WordPress till the end, you are possibly going to die as one of the most powerful users.

WordCamps are the greatest opportunities to build connections, to learn a great deal and to meet inspiring and like-minded people. It fascinated me since 2013. However, I wasn’t able to attend first WC Mumbai 2013, leading me to chase up a series of WordCamps since then until now. The passion for WordPress sparked in me since the year 2009 and since then it remained in my mind.

Mahangu Werasinghe, Happiness Engineer with automattic is one of the adorable personalities I met in my initials days of WordCamps. His simple yet very effective concepts relating to customer support were outstanding and amazing. Another geek Saru(Happiness Engineer) from auttomattic blew my mind not only with his technical expertise but also with his helpful & down to earth nature. His cheering and inspiring attitude left me mesmerized in the destined meetings thrown by Wordcamps.

It’s said that succeeding in business is all about making connections. Well, I don’t adhere to this limited definition of business success. In fact, connections aren’t meant to be just restricted to business or establishing only business relations with affluent people. It’s a willingness to outwork and outlearn each and every new person you meet.
I am going to volunteer WordCamp Mumbai for the first time. Marked as very established, very organized and very formal conference in past years, I had been dreaming about it since I lost the opportunity to make WC Mumbai 2013. The thought of being unable to attend it still screw me up. However I never missed any single chance to attend not only WC Mumbai ever then but continued every near and far WordCamps throughout the country, may it be majestic Maharashtra, magnificent Madhya Pradesh or Royal Rajasthan.
Cherishing visits to cities like Pune, Nashik, Bhopal, and Udaipur revived the traveler and explorer soul in me, gifting me a lifetime of memorable memories.

Gatherings, meetings may it be business or personal helped me out a lot in making things work and building them from scratch.
I had never attended any camps or meetup groups earlier but constantly craved for giving back something to the community. Thus, in order to end this urge of contribution, I leaned forward to volunteer one of the grandest WordCamp in India. I am hoping for the successful throwback of the conference this year too so that I can become one of the proud volunteers of WordCamp Mumbai, 2017 and enjoy its success with other commendable and hardworking organizers and volunteers.

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