Manual Vs Automated Testing

Group Discussion

There is going to be a group discussion on Manual v/s Automated Testing in this year’s WordCamp Mumbai.

The importance of quality of your product is something that no one in the business can overlook and has to pay attention to in order to make your product the best in the market.

You will get to know the in and outs of testing through the experiences of some of the experienced testers of our community.

Sudar Muthu (Moderator)

Sudar MuthuSudar Muthu works as a Senior Web Engineer with 10up, a WordPress based web agency and WordPress VIP partner.

Sudar is involved in WordPress plugin development for more than 8 years and has released about 2 dozen WordPress plugins. Details at

Sudar has also contributed to all major WordPress releases starting from 4.3 He blogs about WordPress at

Sudar on Twitter: @sudarmuthu

Vibha Tiwari

Vibha TiwariVibha Tiwari working as QA Team Leader with Multidots Solutions Pvt Ltd. She has joined the company in December 2016. She has 6 years of experience in QA & Testing and worked in the various domain with different technologies.

She is QA because she loves to find issues ūüėČ As we know To tell somebody that he is wrong is called criticism. To do so officially is called testing.

Apart from work, she is a wife, cartoon lover, reader, listener and plans to learn swimming in 2017.

She travels to different destinations and explores new places, reading books, crazy cricket fan, later in life she has the desire to work with NGO to help people and stray dogs.

Vibha on twitter @vibhatiwari.

Khyati Gala

Khyati GalaKhyati is a plugin tester in Tyche Softwares since 2013. She is very keen on finding bugs in the plugins that she tests. A very hard working person.

Apart from her day job, she is a volunteer in WordCamp Mumbai since 2016. She has also moderated a panel in WordCamp Udaipur about Women in WordPress.

She has also contributed to the community by translating WordPress in Gujarati language.

Khyati on Twitter:  @galakhyati

Ankit Gupta

Ankit K Gupta is a Lead Quality Test Engineer with BuddyBoss.

Ankit loves interacting with beginners and help people by exchanging knowledge. He started his career as a Software Quality Tester in 2013 with rtCamp that worked on WordPress.

His mission is to make sure the WordPress experience for everyone is bug-free and good. This has got him consecutively contributing to the WordPress as a core contributor for every version from 4.0 to the latest 4.7.

Not satisfied with just core contributions, he also contributed to many releases of BuddyPress, bbPress plugins, translation contributor, editor on the Hindi Polyglot team for WordPress, and meta contributor of WordPress as well.

He also has recently started contributing to the WordPress Docs team. When not working, Ankit spends time in photography, traveling, exploring new places and making new friends.

Ankit on Twitter:  @ankitguptaindia

Bigul Malayi

Bigul MalayiBigul hails from Kerala and started his web development journey as a PHP developer in 2005. He has been working with WordPress since 2008.

From 2012 January onwards he started to work in OnTheGo Systems (the makers of WPML & Toolset) as QA & Support Analyst.

Bigul credits WordPress as his bread and butter. To return the favour, he frequently educates users about WordPress. He is also the lead organizer of WP Kochi community.

Bigul on Twitter:  @mbigul

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