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Introducing our Next Speaker for WordCamp 2017 Mumbai –  Saravanan Sivaraman

Saravanan SivaramanThere is always some confusion among new WordPress users about and So many questions!,

Are they different? Which is one is better? What should I choose? Which one is easier? This talk aims to answer these questions and more, and is aimed at both for beginners, and WordPress enthusiasts from different domains. In this talk, you will learn more about the benefits and opportunities available on both these platforms, and by the end of it, you will be able to make an informed decision on what is better for you.

About Saravanan Sivaraman

Saravanan is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the company behind He has been associated with WordPress ever since he started a blog in 2008. He first began blogging to post job adverts for his work as a technical recruiter.

The blog didn’t go far, but his interest and passion for WordPress grew steadily, and this eventually made him switch from recruiting, to engineering happiness. As a native Tamil speaker, he also contributes to translating WordPress to tamil.

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