Remembering Mrs. Pratima Kane

We have been organizing WordPress Meetups and subsequently WordCamp since the last 4-5 years. It has become an integral part of our lives and by that virtue, part of the lives of our close ones. In November 2016 we lost one such extended family member, Mrs. Pratima Kane, mother of Aditya Kane.

She had been supportive of our efforts since the beginning. She tolerated us and even feed us when we worked through the day often till late at night discussing WordPress Meetup and WordCamps in her home. Though she never attended our WordCamp she knew everything and everyone invovled with the WordCamp, which is testimony of the great relationship she had with her kids.

She paid for the White-board we used at WordCamp Mumbai 2014 as our Job board, and continue to use for the following WordCamps here in Mumbai.

An ID card, Aditya made for his mom during the 2014 WordCamp. She was our in-kind Sponsor and this was all we gave her.

25th March is Mrs. Kane’s Birthday and I would like pay homage to her through this post.

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