Sandeep will talk about the Best Practices to lookout for when building your First Plugin

Introducing our Next Speaker for WordCamp 2017 Mumbai –  Sandeep Raman

Sandeep RamanEver wonder how to go about creating your First Plugin? It’s simple.. Just do it!

If you have already built a plugin or about to make one, it always helps to do it the right way. In this session, Sandeep would be covering the aspects of standards and structure to built your plugin.

He would be discussing on how…

  • To choose a correct plugin slug
  • Avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • Structure your plugin code
  • Use Common Design Patterns
  • To hook the correct way
  • To Keep your plugin secure
  • To use common build tools
  • To use automated test tools

About Sandeep Raman

Sandeep is the Co-Founder of Hummingbird Web Solutions. He runs the  WPEka Blog and Products which builds and supports WordPress Products for Web developers and Web Designers. He is also a WordPress Core Contributor and Plugin Developer.

He an avid reader, working on converting his theoretical knowledge of Yoga into practice and loves Open Source.

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