Know your customers by Shailee

One thing that separates Assets on the Balance Sheet from our Customers is that our Customers have a preference, while our Assets don’t..

Know your customer

Introducing our Next Speaker for WordCamp 2017 Mumbai –  Shailee Sheth

Shailee ShethHas your Car ever woken up one morning and said – I don’t like this Red paint, I am going to get my owner to paint me White? Simply put, we own Assets, but I don’t think that we can ever truly say that we own our customers.

I know a number of businesses that think that way – that is my customer; what are they doing talking to my customer; why is my competitor’s coffee mug in my customer’s office; I took my customer to the IPL and so it goes. People are very protective of their customers, yet there is really no concept of ownership by the customer themselves.

In her talk, Shailee will cover some critical conversations on our Customers, the way they think, the way they perceive what we deliver and their expectations, her n experiences through the journey and how we can make a difference in this relationship with these following points :

  • Hear your Customer’s Inner Voice!
  • My journey from being a Developer to a Business Person!
  • Challenges faced – and how I did it Wrong & Right.
  • How we can influence our Customer’s behavior!
  • Understanding Symptoms and Patterns!

About Shailee Sheth

Shailee is a Serial Entrepreneur and a Marketer who has a flair for Technology and Innovation. As an Entrepreneur Shailee’s Top Priorities are Customer Satisfaction and Business Impact. Shailee is one of the few Technologists who puts the Customer ahead of her own Brand, NewVariable.

Born in a Business Family, Shailee realised very soon that if you could help your Customers achieve their Business Impact and Goals, then you have a tactical advantage in the relationship. It’s equally important to not give up mid way in the journey because the real test of character lies in ensuring that you just don’t deliver happy Customers but the fact that you create these referenceable Customers who over a period of time become a “Community of Practice” or “Assets” that start running the front end of your Business.

Shailee is the Founder and CEO of NewVariable, a boutique Technology Consultancy Start-Up based in Pune that operates remotely and she also serves as a Consultant in Technology to several Start-Ups in Mumbai, London and New York. She holds a “Master of Science” Degree in IT from the prestigious DA–IICT, Gandhinagar.

Shailee has worked with MNC Businesses in the HCM Industry and has successfully built and delivered both a Platform and a Product at an Enterprise scale to Global 100 Customers. Shailee loves Traveling and Adventure Sports. Her Bucket list includes cliff jumping and opening her own Restaurant in the Alps serving People’s palate and more.

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