Meet Wambhau – The Dabbawala who will deliver WordPress goodness

The Mumbai dabbawalla is a popular sight in the city. They are a delivery service and carry lunch boxes to and fro to several thousands of offices everyday. They predominantly use their popular Hercules cycles or the local train system to transport lunch boxes.

This tradition goes back right upto the 1890s – about a 120 years ago. The Dabbawala system is often cited as near perfect and they are frequently known to make less than one mistake in over 8 million deliveries.

They have been studies by research scholars and management institutes, trying to decode how a group of non-MBA, mostly school dropouts and without any formal training – manage to run such an efficient system.

So when it came to designing a Waapu for WordCamp Mumbai – the working class heroes called dabbawalas  were obviously a popular idea.

Meet Wambhau

The Wapuu for WordCamp Mumbai is designed after the popular ‘dabbawala’ and we hope it delivers great WordPress goodness to all attending the WordCamp. It’s name is “Wambhau”

The name means Wapuu + Mumbai + bhau  (meaning brother in the local Marathi language and a popular way for addressing dabbawalas)



Special thanks to Ganesh Kerkar who designed the Wambhau. Also loads of thanks to Shwetambari Shinde, who gave us the idea and inputs around creating ‘Wambhau’

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