Pratik is going to talk about How to Boost the Performance of your WordPress websites

Introducing our next speaker for WordCamp Mumbai 2017 – Pratik Jagdishwala.

Pratik JagdishwalaWordPress, as we all know, has brilliant community and commercial support. With so many resources available, users tend to go overboard with how they use their WordPress setup. Due to this, they run into problems like Performance slowdowns, timeouts at their hosting provider.

Pratik has 12 years of experience in the Hosting industry and knows what are the kind of limitations hosting providers implement on their servers. He has insight on what works on these servers and what does not. He is looking to share this experience with the all of us and share the tricks that work with most of the hosting providers. These tweaks should help you to get maximum performance from your current package without spending anything on resources or additional upgrades or services.

About Pratik Jagdishwala

Pratik is a Product Manager by profession and a Geek at heart. He has over 12 years of Hosting industry experience and has worked in Support, System Administrative, Managerial roles as well.

He is a natural problem solver and enjoys talking to people and helping them out with solutions to their problems. Let it be which product to use for their project or which is the cheapest way to achieve this setup. He has been guiding friends and clients and making sure they get the maximum bang for their buck.

Apart from work, he is an avid traveller and loves to learn and read about history of the places he visits. You can follow him on Twitter @pjagdishwala and reach out to him for any help you require with your project.

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