This Way or That – lessons learnt optimizing WordPress for customer success by Tarun

Introducing our next speaker for WordCamp Mumbai 2017 – Tarun Parswani.

Tarun ParswaniWordPress is awesome – and plugins make it even better.

But when you have to build and manage plugins with more than 100,000 active installs, you hit roadblocks.

In this talk Tarun will share his experiences in situations like:

  • How a timeout error turned out to be a big loophole in the plugin?
  • How we had to break best-practices to tackle CPU intensive database queries?
  • How we brought pages that took 3 minutes to load – down to under 20 seconds?
  • How shared hosting environments forced us to rewrite our plugin?

The talk is focused around database optimization, WooCommerce and performance. It’s based on real-life problems we faced in our Smart Manager, Smart Coupons, Smart Reporter, Icegram and other plugins. It’s a technical talk, but the lessons are useful in designing any high-performance solution around WordPress.

About Tarun Parswani

Tarun is a senior developer with StoreApps, responsible for Smart Manager, Smart Reporter and other plugins. He is a data nerd and loves playing with SQL – and No-SQL!

He has solved some of the most challenging optimization problems for StoreApps customers. He surely has quite a few tricks building high performance WordPress plugins up his sleeve!

You can tweet him @ParswaniTarun

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