Aurovrata will talk on How to develop a Multi-lingual Website using Polylang

Introducing our next speaker for WordCamp Mumbai 2017 – Aurovrata Venet.

Aurovrata VenetWordPress is in inherently designed to be multi-lingual, given its effort to localise its meta information and documentation as well as providing a complete framework for developers to localise their extensions. However, ironically, it is not able to handle multiple language content in a single installation. To achieve this, a number of plugins are available which uses different approach to manage translations.

This talk reviews one of these plugins, Polylang, which has gained a lot of adepts for its ability to manage translations following the WordPress core approach to content management.

The session will give a brief introduction on a what is a multi-lingual website, and then walk though the various steps required to create a multi-lingual content site using the Polylang plugin.

About Aurovrata Venet

Aurovrata is highly motivated by problem solving task involving new concept and methods. Very good with numbers and making sense of interconnected data. A research background in Astrophysics has given him problem solving tools as well as rationalisation methods that have been highly successful at solving problems may it be in the Financial banking world or the European Space Agency.

He quit his corporate job 5 years ago to start a small consultancy company that concentrates on Small & Medium Enterprises, helping his clients achieve excellence in business strategy and deployment of IT in the business. He uses WordPress in many of his projects to leverage its CMS functionality.

He aspires to serve a resurgent India in the belief that she alone has the depth of awareness to lead humanity towards a new consciousness, united in all its diversity.

You can tweet him @aurovrata

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