Fairy will talk on why Business Writing is important

Introducing our next speaker for WordCamp Mumbai 2017 – Fairy Dharawat.

Fairy DharawatCommunication is an important tool to get things done. Where I come from, there’s a saying – those who can speak, they can sell, thus they can survive. While this phrase is eons old, it’s relevant as ever not yet jaded. So when we come to business writing, why is it so important? Why do we need to hone our writing skill ? In an age of blowing our trumpet, thanks to social media, business writing spills over to your company’s Facebook pages and twitter accounts as well. So in the age of digital revolution, it’s important to know how to play with style and structure across different platforms to get desired results – engagement.

Why business writing is important?
1) It saves time and gets things done.
2) Email etiquettes. How to generate response?
a) By writing in a way the reader responds – Being polite and to the point – the writers I’ve written to have responded 🙂
b) It’s a mixture of persuasion, right words, sentence structure and of course grammar!
3) Using words which help to put across your point. Avoiding jargon. Sharing the list.
4) A blend of longer and shorter sentences. How to use them.
5) Clearly stating your intent as soon as possible.
6) Changing language style for email, and social media (engagement)

About Fairy Dharawat

Fairy Dharawat is a writer by profession who loves to discuss about the technicalities of stories and how to write them. She’s also a professional blogger who tells stories through workshops she conducts.

She currently likes a lot of people since many sweet souls have lent her books. And she has shared her treasured books as well. Her best is 24 books in a year, which she intends to break soon. Also, an unread book is a sad story, so read. If you want to know her list of best books or want to know how to write better, then come to the Mumbai WordCamp this year, and she will most probably tell you to read the books YOU like, and then she will talk some more. So come and say hi to her, she says hi back too 🙂

You can tweet her @verbaldetonator

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