Still not too late to get your early bird discount or go Pro!

This is the first time we have done Early bird discounts for #WCMumbai and we so far have had an amazing response. We have sold about 110 tickets which is over two-thirds of our early bird tickets on offer.

With just 38 tickets left I would recommend you grab them rightaway!

Additionally, there’s a 15% cash back offer from mobile wallets Freecharge and Ola Money on our payment processor (KDC Pay).

Other than the early bird tickets, we also have pro tickets, for those who’d like to contribute more to the WordCamp Mumbai kitty. Basically WordCamps are not for profit events and sponsor money helps subsidize the tickets which end up being far less than our cost per attendee. Individuals & Businesses who don’t mind paying a little extra can buy a PRO-Ticket.

Another way to look at these 50 Pro-tickets is that it could help discount upto 500 tickets (early bird price for all!!). Imagine the impact where your able to make #WCMumbai more affordable to at least ten people, when you buy a single ticket.

So go for it! let’s make this bigger than that Last WC Mumbai.

Take the stage at #WCMumbai

It’s been little over a week that we announced WordCamp Mumbai 2017!

This year instead taking things step by step, we put out all calls and tickets sales from the start but that doesn’t mean we don’t put out announcement for each of the calls… So here we have a post announcing 

Our Speaker Call!!

We’d love to hear some newer speakers, or host a different kind of session we are open for suggestions. Checkout our Call for Speaker Page. which has all the information you would need.

If you have any queries feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Introducing WordCamp Mumbai 2017

Announcing WordCamp Mumbai 2017 on 25th & 26th March 2017.

Our logo contains the iconic Gateway of India, which has name suggests is consider the entry point to Indian Shores. Similarly WordCamp Mumbai which will be in it’s 5th edition now is a Gateway to the WordPress Community here in Mumbai and India at large.

We started out as a small meetup  and now can proudly claim the tag of being one of the oldest running WordCamp in India.

Completely volunteer driven, we look for your support in making this event bigger and better than the last one.

Show us your support by Volunteering, Speaking, Sponsoring and most importantly attending.