Remembering Mrs. Pratima Kane

We have been organizing WordPress Meetups and subsequently WordCamp since the last 4-5 years. It has become an integral part of our lives and by that virtue, part of the lives of our close ones. In November 2016 we lost one such extended family member, Mrs. Pratima Kane, mother of Aditya Kane.

She had been supportive of our efforts since the beginning. She tolerated us and even feed us when we worked through the day often till late at night discussing WordPress Meetup and WordCamps in her home. Though she never attended our WordCamp she knew everything and everyone invovled with the WordCamp, which is testimony of the great relationship she had with her kids.

She paid for the White-board we used at WordCamp Mumbai 2014 as our Job board, and continue to use for the following WordCamps here in Mumbai.

An ID card, Aditya made for his mom during the 2014 WordCamp. She was our in-kind Sponsor and this was all we gave her.

25th March is Mrs. Kane’s Birthday and I would like pay homage to her through this post.

Using for Business by Saravanan

Announcing Speakers

Introducing our Next Speaker for WordCamp 2017 Mumbai –  Saravanan Sivaraman

Saravanan SivaramanThere is always some confusion among new WordPress users about and So many questions!,

Are they different? Which is one is better? What should I choose? Which one is easier? This talk aims to answer these questions and more, and is aimed at both for beginners, and WordPress enthusiasts from different domains. In this talk, you will learn more about the benefits and opportunities available on both these platforms, and by the end of it, you will be able to make an informed decision on what is better for you.

About Saravanan Sivaraman

Saravanan is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the company behind He has been associated with WordPress ever since he started a blog in 2008. He first began blogging to post job adverts for his work as a technical recruiter.

The blog didn’t go far, but his interest and passion for WordPress grew steadily, and this eventually made him switch from recruiting, to engineering happiness. As a native Tamil speaker, he also contributes to translating WordPress to tamil.

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Sandeep will talk about the Best Practices to lookout for when building your First Plugin

Announcing Speakers

Introducing our Next Speaker for WordCamp 2017 Mumbai –  Sandeep Raman

Sandeep RamanEver wonder how to go about creating your First Plugin? It’s simple.. Just do it!

If you have already built a plugin or about to make one, it always helps to do it the right way. In this session, Sandeep would be covering the aspects of standards and structure to built your plugin.

He would be discussing on how…

  • To choose a correct plugin slug
  • Avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • Structure your plugin code
  • Use Common Design Patterns
  • To hook the correct way
  • To Keep your plugin secure
  • To use common build tools
  • To use automated test tools

About Sandeep Raman

Sandeep is the Co-Founder of Hummingbird Web Solutions. He runs the  WPEka Blog and Products which builds and supports WordPress Products for Web developers and Web Designers. He is also a WordPress Core Contributor and Plugin Developer.

He an avid reader, working on converting his theoretical knowledge of Yoga into practice and loves Open Source.

Know your customers by Shailee

Announcing Speakers

One thing that separates Assets on the Balance Sheet from our Customers is that our Customers have a preference, while our Assets don’t..

Know your customer

Introducing our Next Speaker for WordCamp 2017 Mumbai –  Shailee Sheth

Shailee ShethHas your Car ever woken up one morning and said – I don’t like this Red paint, I am going to get my owner to paint me White? Simply put, we own Assets, but I don’t think that we can ever truly say that we own our customers.

I know a number of businesses that think that way – that is my customer; what are they doing talking to my customer; why is my competitor’s coffee mug in my customer’s office; I took my customer to the IPL and so it goes. People are very protective of their customers, yet there is really no concept of ownership by the customer themselves.

In her talk, Shailee will cover some critical conversations on our Customers, the way they think, the way they perceive what we deliver and their expectations, her n experiences through the journey and how we can make a difference in this relationship with these following points :

  • Hear your Customer’s Inner Voice!
  • My journey from being a Developer to a Business Person!
  • Challenges faced – and how I did it Wrong & Right.
  • How we can influence our Customer’s behavior!
  • Understanding Symptoms and Patterns!

About Shailee Sheth

Shailee is a Serial Entrepreneur and a Marketer who has a flair for Technology and Innovation. As an Entrepreneur Shailee’s Top Priorities are Customer Satisfaction and Business Impact. Shailee is one of the few Technologists who puts the Customer ahead of her own Brand, NewVariable.

Born in a Business Family, Shailee realised very soon that if you could help your Customers achieve their Business Impact and Goals, then you have a tactical advantage in the relationship. It’s equally important to not give up mid way in the journey because the real test of character lies in ensuring that you just don’t deliver happy Customers but the fact that you create these referenceable Customers who over a period of time become a “Community of Practice” or “Assets” that start running the front end of your Business.

Shailee is the Founder and CEO of NewVariable, a boutique Technology Consultancy Start-Up based in Pune that operates remotely and she also serves as a Consultant in Technology to several Start-Ups in Mumbai, London and New York. She holds a “Master of Science” Degree in IT from the prestigious DA–IICT, Gandhinagar.

Shailee has worked with MNC Businesses in the HCM Industry and has successfully built and delivered both a Platform and a Product at an Enterprise scale to Global 100 Customers. Shailee loves Traveling and Adventure Sports. Her Bucket list includes cliff jumping and opening her own Restaurant in the Alps serving People’s palate and more.

Tyche Software are our Silver Sponsor at #WCMumbai

Tyche Softwares is a WordPress plugin development company specializing in plugins for WooCommerce. They proudly power businesses in over 25 countries with their Booking, Abandoned Cart & Delivery Date plugins. Their plugins help their clients directly by increasing their sales by recovering lost carts or by improving their customer service with the delivery date calendar.

They provide a variety of premium plugins for WooCommerce. Some of these allow you to recover lost sales, while some turn your store into a booking platform.

Tyche Softwares’ sole focus is on providing high-quality niche plugins accompanied with superior customer support. These reviews are a testimony of that. It doesn’t matter if you have a rental business, or you are a florist, a bakery owner or a dentist – you will find the perfect WooCommerce plugin that will boost your business.

Their Booking & Appointment plugin for WooCommerce was the first one that offered a fully integrated booking solution for WooCommerce users.

In addition to their premium plugins, they have a number of free & open-source plugins that are used on over 15000+ active websites, particularly the Abandoned Cart plugin stands out. If you are using WooCommerce, you cannot ignore this 1 free plugin that can increase your sales upto 30% without any investment!

Their core team is passionate about their plugins and they constantly release updates that add more value to them.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, their team regularly speaks, sponsors, volunteers at WordCamps throughout India & elsewhere. Check out their current openings as well. They’re expanding their team!

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay in touch!

Thank you Tyche Softwares for being a part of WordCamp Mumbai 2017.

Bluehost have upgraded to Gold!

Bluehost India has been a long time friend and supporter of our Mumbai WordPress Meetup group. The have been venue sponsors from the longest time.

And now extending that support, they have upgraded their Global Sponsorship to a Gold Sponsorship.

Here’s what they told us, about themselves:

Bluehost is part of the Endurance International Group of business. Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: EIGI) helps small and medium-sized business owners establish, manage and grow their businesses by harnessing the power and promise of the web.

Endurance International is looking out for talented people to help make the web an awesome place. You can check out all their open positions at

Do visit them at their Booth to find out what products they have for WordPress Users. You can also visit their website or follow them on Facebook & Twitter

WordPress Indian language Localisation Do’s and Dont’s by Makarand

Announcing Speakers

Introducing our next speaker for WordCamp Mumbai 2017 – Makarand Mane.

Makarand ManeIn this session Makarand would like to help language translators understand common mistakes happening while translating WordPress into any Indian language.

Previously Makarand attended Global translation Day first and Global translation Day second. On the occasion of Global translation Day First he gathered people & started to contribute into polyglot community and gave efforts to make Marathi translation 100%.

On Global translation Day 2 many new contributors contributing to Marathi localisation and Makarand was working as GTE, he saw few common mistakes new translators doing. GTE can reject strings but can’t explain reason to reject. There was many suggestion coming for one single string, so rejection ratio was high. Efforts of new contributors was wasted. Some translation approved by GTE’s which still needs improvement. So final translated product is not that much perfect to be used by end user.

Makarand also collected data from GTE of other languages and he found few common mistakes which every translator does. Now WordPress is available in 4 Indian languages, but popular plugins and themes are still not translated. He will explain how to avoid these common mistakes to reduce efforts and make better translation.

About Makarand Mane

Makarand is a full-time freelancer & WordPress enthusiast, earning his bread and butter using only WordPress from last 6 years. He serves his clients through his personal website

Makarand says he learnt PHP, MySQL, CSS and jQuery after he started working on WordPress.

After creating second project in WordPress, he felt in love with it in 2011 and since then he never touched Joomla again.

Makarand is General translation editor for Marathi language and active in the polyglot community.

He also conducts programming workshops in colleges on PHP and WordPress.

Outside of WordPress, he loves traveling visiting new places, trying new things and spiritual practice. He boosts his energy by doing yoga & meditation and helps others to do by teaching it.

You can follow him on Twitter @mkrndmane.

Vertoz is our Gold Sponsors

Vertoz a leading programmatic advertising company joins WordCamp Mumbai 2017 as Gold Sponsors. This is the first time sponsoring WordCamp Mumbai, like many others, we have really happy for the support we have got this year.
Here’s a little about Vertoz

Vertoz is a leading programmatic advertising company that offers engaging and innovative advertising and monetization solutions. We ensure that the ad reaches the right audience and are targeted across websites and apps for our advertisers. We monetize inventory from all verticals and geographies to ensure the best ROI for our publishers.

You can follow them on twitter & facebook, or meet them in person at their WordCamp Booth.

ResellerClub is our Gold Sponsor

We want to thank ResellerClub for coming on board as Gold Sponsor.


Here’s a little about them:

ResellerClub is one of India’s most popular Domains & Hosting brands and is a platform provider catering to the Web Design & Development community worldwide through a full-fledged Reseller Program that includes Product Integrations, Order Management, Billing & Customer management along with a free ecommerce storefront and API integration!

ResellerClub provides scalable WordPress Hosting with automatic upgrades, scheduled backups and a set of managed support services. In addition to this, we also offer world-class hosting options optimized for WordPress across Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting solutions as well as VPS and Dedicated Servers. ResellerClub also enables domain name registration services and other essential web presence products such as email & security to bring SMBs online. Know more about ResellerClub.

ResellerClub also hosts Ctrl+F5, a web design and development summit with leading experts from the industry and also organizes a Web Design contest called SiteWars.

As a Gold Sponsor at WordCamp, ResellerClub is excited to recognize the efforts of the vibrant WordPress community in India.

Do catch them at their booth at WordCamp Mumbai 2017.