Speakers Session Presentations

Thank You

It been 2 months since WordCamp Mumbai is completed. It was concluded with lots of fanfare.

We want to thank each sponsor, participant, speaker and you the audience heartily for making the WordCamp Mumbai 2017 the best.

We are hereby sharing the presentations of our speakers from their sessions.

Please note some of the Presentation are embedded using Slideshare and some of the have direct link to download a PDF of the presentation.

Feel free to contact them with queries. Go through them, revised what was being told and get better.

How to get (more) involved with WordPress – by Rocío Valdivia

WordPress translation & Localisation : Avoid common mistakes – by Makarand Mane

Writing PHP – The WordPress Way! – by Rahul Bansal

Developer tools that I use to increase my productivity as a WordPress developer – by Sudar Muthu

Importance of Marketing & Content Writing for Plugin Developers – by Vishal Kothari

What I learned when our site got hacked – by Bhushan Jawle

How to check for cross domain requests using Chrome – Demo

How to Boost the performance of your wordpress powered websites – by Pratik Jagdishwala

How I built an online community “radio” (and my career in Digital Media) – by Nagesh Pai

Adventures in Entrepreneurship – by Nirav Mehta

Using WP.com for business – by Saravanan Sivaraman

Developing a multi-lingual website using Polylang – by Aurovrata Venet

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Glimpse of WP-CLI – by Anand Thakkar

Download Presentations

This Way or That – Lessons learnt optimizing WordPress for customer success – by Tarun Parswani

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Productivity: Chance or Choice – by Mridula Harshvardhan

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Best Practices To Lookout For When Building Your First Plugin – by Sandeep Raman

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Why Business Writing is important? – by Fairy Dharawat

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Know your customers – by Shailee Sheth

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Thank You Letter to WordCamps!

Thank You

So if you read my post on my journey across WordCamps, you would notice it’s about gratification and how my experience in WordCamps has evolved me as a person. And this experience of growing or transitioning is experienced by several people associated with WordCamps. Here is a small snapshot of those wonderful words captured here to give you a glimpse of how WordCamp has changed several lives and continues to do so.

Khyati Gala WordCamp gives me a platform to explore WordPress and help me give back to the community. Being a volunteer gives me an inside look at how the WordCamps are organized and learn teamwork.
~ Khyati Gala

Ajay Maurya It gave me a start, I was introduced to a new set of people where people who were passionate enough about WordPress that they simply shared their views and ideas for free. They were helping each other by sharing their knowledge and trying to spread the use of WordPress.
~ Ajay Maurya

Meher Bala Being a part of WordCamp Mumbai community, has helped me to interact and gain knowledge from experts in the WordPress field.  WordCamp has also given me a opportunity to make new friends and colleague in the WordPress world. I strongly suggest all people who are using WordPress to build websites for clients or sell products and services via WordPress websites or business running to develop WordPress theme and plugins or monetise WordPress driven website to sell other people’s products or blogger who write for the love of writing or food bloggers. It is a must to attend or encourage your employers to at least attend one WordCamp for sure in their life. I am sure attending a WordCamp will definitely add value to you in one way or the other.
~ Meher Bala

Ratnesh Sonar I joined Wordcamp Mumbai team as a volunteer. My experience was nice. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Best thing about volunteering WordCamp is you meet tons of people with same interest, you learn about various ways to contributing to WordPress. Volunteering WordCamp is the best way to contribute back to WordPress.
~ Ratnesh Sonar

Nagesh PaiWordCamps can help anyone first begin towards being an informed user. From here, they can further choose to either become a core developer, themes and plugins developer, or even make good living as a “theme hacker” who tweaks existing themes and plugins and dishes out good websites!  Personally, i followed the later route. The stories narrated at WordCamp and the entire experience can really give a nitro boost to this informed user, and help him develop further and even contribute to the community at large.
~ Nagesh Pai

You can be part of this amazing community as well. All you  have to do is show up, and get involved! Come to as many WordCamps as possible, you can start by attending Mumbai WordCamp 2017 which is happening on 25th March 2017 and 26th March 2017, so mark your dates!

Come and say hello to speakers who kickass on stage ( they would love it if you say hi to them!), meet these awesome people and many more and see how an experience like this, a melting pot of talent, can revitalize you to get better in your work as you get to network some cool folks 🙂

See you there!

Prathmesh shares his WordCamp experience

Every journey begins with curiosity, proceeds with learning and ends with a bunch of strings attached. And if your journey sustains the hallmark of WordPress till the end, you are possibly going to die as one of the most powerful users.

WordCamps are the greatest opportunities to build connections, to learn a great deal and to meet inspiring and like-minded people. It fascinated me since 2013. However, I wasn’t able to attend first WC Mumbai 2013, leading me to chase up a series of WordCamps since then until now. The passion for WordPress sparked in me since the year 2009 and since then it remained in my mind.

Mahangu Werasinghe, Happiness Engineer with automattic is one of the adorable personalities I met in my initials days of WordCamps. His simple yet very effective concepts relating to customer support were outstanding and amazing. Another geek Saru(Happiness Engineer) from auttomattic blew my mind not only with his technical expertise but also with his helpful & down to earth nature. His cheering and inspiring attitude left me mesmerized in the destined meetings thrown by Wordcamps.

It’s said that succeeding in business is all about making connections. Well, I don’t adhere to this limited definition of business success. In fact, connections aren’t meant to be just restricted to business or establishing only business relations with affluent people. It’s a willingness to outwork and outlearn each and every new person you meet.
I am going to volunteer WordCamp Mumbai for the first time. Marked as very established, very organized and very formal conference in past years, I had been dreaming about it since I lost the opportunity to make WC Mumbai 2013. The thought of being unable to attend it still screw me up. However I never missed any single chance to attend not only WC Mumbai ever then but continued every near and far WordCamps throughout the country, may it be majestic Maharashtra, magnificent Madhya Pradesh or Royal Rajasthan.
Cherishing visits to cities like Pune, Nashik, Bhopal, and Udaipur revived the traveler and explorer soul in me, gifting me a lifetime of memorable memories.

Gatherings, meetings may it be business or personal helped me out a lot in making things work and building them from scratch.
I had never attended any camps or meetup groups earlier but constantly craved for giving back something to the community. Thus, in order to end this urge of contribution, I leaned forward to volunteer one of the grandest WordCamp in India. I am hoping for the successful throwback of the conference this year too so that I can become one of the proud volunteers of WordCamp Mumbai, 2017 and enjoy its success with other commendable and hardworking organizers and volunteers.

Check out WordCamp Mumbai 2017 Schedule

WordCamp Mumbai is one of the longest running WordCamps of India. Join over 600+ bloggers, developers, marketers, and designers on March 25-26 for our fifth year!

We’re happy to announce that the full schedule is now available on our Schedule page. We can’t wait to meet you all in Mumbai for two days of everything WordPress!

If you have any queries feel free to ping us on our Facebook Page  & Twitter with #WCMumbai Hashtag.



Manual Vs Automated Testing

Announcing Speakers

Group Discussion

There is going to be a group discussion on Manual v/s Automated Testing in this year’s WordCamp Mumbai.

The importance of quality of your product is something that no one in the business can overlook and has to pay attention to in order to make your product the best in the market.

You will get to know the in and outs of testing through the experiences of some of the experienced testers of our community.

Sudar Muthu (Moderator)

Sudar MuthuSudar Muthu works as a Senior Web Engineer with 10up, a WordPress based web agency and WordPress VIP partner.

Sudar is involved in WordPress plugin development for more than 8 years and has released about 2 dozen WordPress plugins. Details at https://profiles.wordpress.org/sudar/#content-plugins

Sudar has also contributed to all major WordPress releases starting from 4.3 He blogs about WordPress at http://sudarmuthu.com/blog/.

Sudar on Twitter: @sudarmuthu

Vibha Tiwari

Vibha TiwariVibha Tiwari working as QA Team Leader with Multidots Solutions Pvt Ltd. She has joined the company in December 2016. She has 6 years of experience in QA & Testing and worked in the various domain with different technologies.

She is QA because she loves to find issues 😉 As we know To tell somebody that he is wrong is called criticism. To do so officially is called testing.

Apart from work, she is a wife, cartoon lover, reader, listener and plans to learn swimming in 2017.

She travels to different destinations and explores new places, reading books, crazy cricket fan, later in life she has the desire to work with NGO to help people and stray dogs.

Vibha on twitter @vibhatiwari.

Khyati Gala

Khyati GalaKhyati is a plugin tester in Tyche Softwares since 2013. She is very keen on finding bugs in the plugins that she tests. A very hard working person.

Apart from her day job, she is a volunteer in WordCamp Mumbai since 2016. She has also moderated a panel in WordCamp Udaipur about Women in WordPress.

She has also contributed to the community by translating WordPress in Gujarati language.

Khyati on Twitter:  @galakhyati

Ankit Gupta

Ankit K Gupta is a Lead Quality Test Engineer with BuddyBoss.

Ankit loves interacting with beginners and help people by exchanging knowledge. He started his career as a Software Quality Tester in 2013 with rtCamp that worked on WordPress.

His mission is to make sure the WordPress experience for everyone is bug-free and good. This has got him consecutively contributing to the WordPress as a core contributor for every version from 4.0 to the latest 4.7.

Not satisfied with just core contributions, he also contributed to many releases of BuddyPress, bbPress plugins, translation contributor, editor on the Hindi Polyglot team for WordPress, and meta contributor of WordPress as well.

He also has recently started contributing to the WordPress Docs team. When not working, Ankit spends time in photography, traveling, exploring new places and making new friends.

Ankit on Twitter:  @ankitguptaindia

Bigul Malayi

Bigul MalayiBigul hails from Kerala and started his web development journey as a PHP developer in 2005. He has been working with WordPress since 2008.

From 2012 January onwards he started to work in OnTheGo Systems (the makers of WPML & Toolset) as QA & Support Analyst.

Bigul credits WordPress as his bread and butter. To return the favour, he frequently educates users about WordPress. He is also the lead organizer of WP Kochi community.

Bigul on Twitter:  @mbigul

Remembering Mrs. Pratima Kane

We have been organizing WordPress Meetups and subsequently WordCamp since the last 4-5 years. It has become an integral part of our lives and by that virtue, part of the lives of our close ones. In November 2016 we lost one such extended family member, Mrs. Pratima Kane, mother of Aditya Kane.

She had been supportive of our efforts since the beginning. She tolerated us and even feed us when we worked through the day often till late at night discussing WordPress Meetup and WordCamps in her home. Though she never attended our WordCamp she knew everything and everyone invovled with the WordCamp, which is testimony of the great relationship she had with her kids.

She paid for the White-board we used at WordCamp Mumbai 2014 as our Job board, and continue to use for the following WordCamps here in Mumbai.

An ID card, Aditya made for his mom during the 2014 WordCamp. She was our in-kind Sponsor and this was all we gave her.

25th March is Mrs. Kane’s Birthday and I would like pay homage to her through this post.

Using WordPress.com for Business by Saravanan

Announcing Speakers

Introducing our Next Speaker for WordCamp 2017 Mumbai –  Saravanan Sivaraman

Saravanan SivaramanThere is always some confusion among new WordPress users about WordPress.com and WordPress.org. So many questions!,

Are they different? Which is one is better? What should I choose? Which one is easier? This talk aims to answer these questions and more, and is aimed at both for beginners, and WordPress enthusiasts from different domains. In this talk, you will learn more about the benefits and opportunities available on both these platforms, and by the end of it, you will be able to make an informed decision on what is better for you.

About Saravanan Sivaraman

Saravanan is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. He has been associated with WordPress ever since he started a blog in 2008. He first began blogging to post job adverts for his work as a technical recruiter.

The blog didn’t go far, but his interest and passion for WordPress grew steadily, and this eventually made him switch from recruiting, to engineering happiness. As a native Tamil speaker, he also contributes to translating WordPress to tamil.

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Sandeep will talk about the Best Practices to lookout for when building your First Plugin

Announcing Speakers

Introducing our Next Speaker for WordCamp 2017 Mumbai –  Sandeep Raman

Sandeep RamanEver wonder how to go about creating your First Plugin? It’s simple.. Just do it!

If you have already built a plugin or about to make one, it always helps to do it the right way. In this session, Sandeep would be covering the aspects of standards and structure to built your plugin.

He would be discussing on how…

  • To choose a correct plugin slug
  • Avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • Structure your plugin code
  • Use Common Design Patterns
  • To hook the correct way
  • To Keep your plugin secure
  • To use common build tools
  • To use automated test tools

About Sandeep Raman

Sandeep is the Co-Founder of Hummingbird Web Solutions. He runs the  WPEka Blog and Products which builds and supports WordPress Products for Web developers and Web Designers. He is also a WordPress Core Contributor and Plugin Developer.

He an avid reader, working on converting his theoretical knowledge of Yoga into practice and loves Open Source.

Know your customers by Shailee

Announcing Speakers

One thing that separates Assets on the Balance Sheet from our Customers is that our Customers have a preference, while our Assets don’t..

Know your customer

Introducing our Next Speaker for WordCamp 2017 Mumbai –  Shailee Sheth

Shailee ShethHas your Car ever woken up one morning and said – I don’t like this Red paint, I am going to get my owner to paint me White? Simply put, we own Assets, but I don’t think that we can ever truly say that we own our customers.

I know a number of businesses that think that way – that is my customer; what are they doing talking to my customer; why is my competitor’s coffee mug in my customer’s office; I took my customer to the IPL and so it goes. People are very protective of their customers, yet there is really no concept of ownership by the customer themselves.

In her talk, Shailee will cover some critical conversations on our Customers, the way they think, the way they perceive what we deliver and their expectations, her n experiences through the journey and how we can make a difference in this relationship with these following points :

  • Hear your Customer’s Inner Voice!
  • My journey from being a Developer to a Business Person!
  • Challenges faced – and how I did it Wrong & Right.
  • How we can influence our Customer’s behavior!
  • Understanding Symptoms and Patterns!

About Shailee Sheth

Shailee is a Serial Entrepreneur and a Marketer who has a flair for Technology and Innovation. As an Entrepreneur Shailee’s Top Priorities are Customer Satisfaction and Business Impact. Shailee is one of the few Technologists who puts the Customer ahead of her own Brand, NewVariable.

Born in a Business Family, Shailee realised very soon that if you could help your Customers achieve their Business Impact and Goals, then you have a tactical advantage in the relationship. It’s equally important to not give up mid way in the journey because the real test of character lies in ensuring that you just don’t deliver happy Customers but the fact that you create these referenceable Customers who over a period of time become a “Community of Practice” or “Assets” that start running the front end of your Business.

Shailee is the Founder and CEO of NewVariable, a boutique Technology Consultancy Start-Up based in Pune that operates remotely and she also serves as a Consultant in Technology to several Start-Ups in Mumbai, London and New York. She holds a “Master of Science” Degree in IT from the prestigious DA–IICT, Gandhinagar.

Shailee has worked with MNC Businesses in the HCM Industry and has successfully built and delivered both a Platform and a Product at an Enterprise scale to Global 100 Customers. Shailee loves Traveling and Adventure Sports. Her Bucket list includes cliff jumping and opening her own Restaurant in the Alps serving People’s palate and more.